Have you got talent?

Whether you can play a guitar, tell funny jokes, dance, sing, we want to see YOU!

Every Tuesday and Saturday at 12pm in The Clubhouse,  we would love to see you perform ready for the Talent Show in the evening! Come along with your outfit, music and any other props you need for your performance!

Would you like the chance to win a FREE Holiday? 

Be in for a chance to be invited back to stay free of charge on the weekend of 11th October 2019, where we will hold our GRAND FINAL on the 12th October!

The winner of the final will receive a completely free of charge holiday in 2020 on the dates of your choice, plus there are runner up prizes, food and drink and even free prosecco for the adults! 

This is an event not to be missed for both adults and children! 

Have a look at our Talent Final video! Click here.