Winter Work, 2019 - 2020

Posted: 18 March 2020


Bronze Caravan kitchen door's stripped and painted


Re-carpeting of over 40 caravans

New Carpets


Thank you to 'two rivers re-upholstery' for upholstering all our Atlantic Gold Caravan's






New Shower Block

We are refurbishing the Bottom Meadow toilet and shower block, and have a BRAND NEW shower block and toilet coming for the far end of Avenue 10/11/12 to service those avenues and Woodland View. HOW EXCITING!

We have started the work already and we have had to dig a trench approximately a mile long to get services (gas, water, electric) to the new toilet and shower block near Woodland View.  This will be a men's and women's toilet and shower block and it will have an outside dog washing and shower area. This is currently the base - we will update you with more pictures soon!

Shower Block


Shower Block


New Shower Block


New Shower Block at Woolacombe Sands

Bottom Meadow curbed and tarmacked

curbed an tarmacked

Bottom Meadow Shower Block

Out with the old and in with the new! We have ripped out the old toilet and shower block and have started our refurbishments already. We have even called the big dogs out to help (Daka and Odie!) This is all currently work in progress but really excited for the finished result. We hope you are too! 

  *   New floors
  *   New walls
  *   New showers
  *   New hair dryers
  *   Heating installed
  *   New doors
  *   New lighting
  *   New mirrors
  *   Outside shower & dog wash (as requested!!)

Bottom Meadow Toilet's

Putting the toilet's and shower block back together again!

Bottom Meadow Toilet's


Bottom Meadow Toilets

The start of the outside dog wash and shower area

Bottom Meadow Shower Block

Avenue 10 upgrade

Parking is now off the grass pitch and bank side to the road. This will prevent churn up of grass and mud if it has been wet and gives you more space on your pitch. Water points have been upgraded with a guide light.

Avenue 10

We have put in a new path for the Woodland Meadow Seasonal's 

New Path for Woodland Meadow


Hand Rail

Start of tarmacking on Avenue 3

Avenue 3 Tarmacked


Avenue 3

New Electric House Keeping Van to lower emissions

New HK Van

Chalet Refurbishments

It doesn't end there...We are also super busy ripping off the fronts off the chalet's to Strengthen  the walls and install new doors...updates to follow!

Chalet Refurbishments


Chalet Refurbisments


Chalet updates


Chalet updates

New flooring being laid in the chalet's

New Flooring

Chalets have had all new single beds and mattresses, new furniture, new sofas and sofa beds so more seating

New Matresses

Hedge Cut and De-Weed

The entire site from January to March is being weeded and having a hedge cut!

Hedge Cut

Litter Picking

Litter Picking at Woolacome Sands

The Park is being pressure washed along with all the caravans

Park is being cleaned


Woolly's Park

We are putting in a brand new park! 

Woolly's Park


Woolly's Park


Woolacombe Winter Work