The ONLY Woolacombe establishment to have...

Posted: 7 April 2022

We are the only* Woolacombe establishment to stock Thatchers Fusion.

Do you like cider? If the answer is yes... read on!

What is Thatchers Fusion?

At the point of pour, the Thatchers Fusion Font infuses a micro measure of the selected fruit flavour into a pint of Thatchers premium apple cider, creating one of three freshly mixed ciders. As the cider is being dispensed through the Fusion Font it delivers a unique sensory experience of flavour and aroma.

Join us in our newly refurbished clubhouse to try this delicious addition to the Woolacombe Sands drinks family.

*We were the only establishment as of 7th April. This may change and become out of date information.
Thatchers Fusion, only at Woolacombe Sands Holiday Park